Perks Of Lithium Batteries!

Among various types of batteries, lithium batteries are a particular type of batteries ruling the world. In this article, we will discuss some reasons why lithium batteries are in demand as compared to other types of batteries. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our topic:

The key benefit of lithium batteries involves the following:

  • Small yet powerful
  • Fast charging possible
  • Support wireless charging
  • Low rates of self-discharging
  • Stand up well to repeated charging and discharging

In addition to lead-acid batteries, secondary batteries that can be recharged and used frequently are lithium-ion batteries, including nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries. The most evident advantage of lithium-ion batteries over these cells is their compact and light size while remaining potent.

When producing power, lithium-ion batteries do not need chemical processes like other secondary batteries. As a result, as compared to other secondary batteries, their electrodes degenerate less, allowing them to withstand repeated charging and discharging.

The ability to charge lithium-ion batteries quickly is a key characteristic. However, secondary batteries other than lithium-ion batteries can do fast charging or charging in a short period of time. Nevertheless, because it was impossible to identify when charging was complete with nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries, fast charging was not practicable. Because the charger can identify when charging is complete, fast charging of lithium-ion batteries has been adopted.

Wireless charging, or charging without a charging cable, is also possible with secondary batteries other than lithium-ion batteries, and fast charging is also conceivable. However, when wireless charging technology was discovered in 2007, it was chosen for lithium-ion batteries, which were already predicted to become widely used. A mechanism is being developed that will allow electric vehicles to be charged simply by parking them in a parking lot in the future.

Lithium battery at MPPT Energy:

The lithium battery designed and manufactured at our company uses lithium iron phosphate technology. We provide a long official warranty of 5 years and can last 6000 cycles. Our lithium batteries also support a connection in parallel mode in expansion. The lithium batteries are also equipped with BMS (BMS stands for Battery Management System) in order to prevent the battery from operating outside design limitations.

Also, the battery pack can be easily expanded by adding expansion battery packs in a parallel connection. Interested to know more about our products and our company? Visit us or contact us through our official website. We welcome clients throughout the world.